Belarus Press Photo 2015 Contest

Terms and Conditions

The Contest is open to professional photojournalists and photographers who raise socially relevant topics in their projects. Each participant must have publications in printed or online media. Both published and not (yet) published images can be submitted. The participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Belarus Press Photo 2015 Contest introduces a new category “Open Nomination” inviting photojournalists and photographers from all over the world to participate in it. Every year this category will feature one new topic. The topic proposed for 2015 Contest is Ukraine. Within this category none of the images can claim for Belarus Press Photo 2015 Contest Grand Prix.

Images are submitted between January 20 and February 10, 2015 (23:59 Minsk time).

To apply for the Contest please fill in the registration form.

The photographer declares being the author of the photographic material submitted. If any contentious issues arise, the Contest organizers have the right to require additional proof of authorship.

To submit the material, the photographer must be the only copyright holder or be authorized by the copyright holder. Submitting the material the author agrees with the Contest terms granting the Contest the permission for the unlimited use of the submitted images in printed or digital versions (online, printed editions, mass media, printing production, etc) for promotion activities under the auspices of the Contest, without any remuneration being due.

If an image is selected for the short list, on the Contest organizers request the photographer must grant the submission of the image of at least 30×45 cm printing quality. In case of the refusal, the image is excluded from the short list.

In case of any copyright violation, the Contest organizers have right to disqualify all the images submitted by the photographer. In such cases the decision is taken by the Contest organizational committee. The decision is not appealable further.


Open Nomination – Ukraine
Single images or stories covering the events in Ukraine that took place in 2014. This nomination is open to the photographers from all over the world. Within this category none of the images can claim for Belarus Press Photo 2015 Contest Grand Prix.

Single images or stories covering the events witnessed, organized or specifically arranged.

Daily Life
Single images or stories documenting the richness and diversity of everyday life.

Single images or stories portraying people (groups and individuals), including public figures, celebrities and other famous people.

Single images or stories covering holidays, customs, rites, rituals, ceremonies and other events which are repeated on a regular base and have become traditional.

Single images or stories covering sport contests and events.

Arts and Entertainment
Single images or stories documenting cultural processes and events, as well as events and trends in entertainment, fashion and leisure.

Single images or stories representing the world of nature, flora, fauna and landscapes.

General rules

There is no entry fee.

Only Belarussian photographers are eligible to submit their images in the categories “News”, “Daily Life”, “Traditions”, “Art and Entertainment”, “Portrait”, “Sport”, “Nature”.

All single images in all the categories must have been shot within the period January,1 – December, 31 2014.

Story entries must be completed and first published in 2014.

Every photographer can submit for the Contest:
- Single images into each category – no more than 5.
- Story entries into each category – between 3 and 10 images.

Each photo can be submitted only for one nomination, either as a single image or as an image from the story. Submitting images into several categories is not possible. The Jury members may consider changing an individual image/story category in case they do not correspond to it. The Jury members can also decide to reduce the number of images in a story or consider individual pictures from stories as singles for awards in this or another category.

At the first stage the Contest organizers reserve the right to carry out a pre-show of the submitted images. At the second stage the international Jury selects a short list of the Contest, at the third stage the winning images are voted for.

Technical requirements

• images must have a resolution of 72 dpi,
• image size: horizontal images – 1 000 pixels in length, vertical and square images – 900;
• each image must be saved as a separate JPEG file (story entries can be submitted as an archive .zip);
• Adobe RGB or sRGB formats are advisable for color images, Gamma 2.2 is recommended for black and white
• image Exif file must be saved;
• every image file info must contain a detailed caption with date and location of shooting, as well as the description of what is depicted in the image and under which circumstances (advisable);
• File info must be provided in 2 languages – Russian and English;
• image name must contain the category name and the image number, for example – sport_1.jpg;
• if you submit a story entry, image names must also have the story number: sport_s1_1.jpeg;
• file names must be written in Latin transcription (see the list of categories).

File info can be added, for example in Photoshop: File/file info/Captions

Minimal image retouching is allowed (technical retouching, contrast correction, cropping that does not influence the meaning of the image) which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry. The Contest organizers and Jury members are the ultimate arbiters of these standards and may at their discretion request the original, unretouched file as recorded by the camera or an untoned scan of the negative or slide.

In all the Contest categories it is not allowed to:
• specify the photographer’s name in the file info section;
• multiexposition;
• photomontage;
• any signatures or logos;
• added borders
• other visual effects.

Images that do not meet these requirements are not be accepted.

In case of detecting deliberate submission of staged images into the categories supposing reportage, all the images submitted by the photographer are disqualified. If this fact is revealed and proved after the Contest results announcement, the photographer is deprived of the victory and the images are taken from the gallery of the winners.

Image submission

Images are submitted between January 20 and February 10, 2015 (23:59 Minsk time).
Entries must be submitted via email: Email subject is BPP-2015 and the photographer’s full name. A completed form should be attached to the email.
Download the form >>
Applications that do not meet the Contest terms will not be accepted.


The winners are selected in each category (single images and story entries). The jury will award first, second, and third prizes in all categories. The prize-winning pictures will be presented in an exhibition and a winners’ album.

The Grand Prix is the best single image or story selected from the list of all the winners in the categories. The Jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix or other prize-winning places in some categories.


The results of the Contest can be challenged by any person by sending a proven evidence of the contest rules being violated to: The Contest organizers ignore any complaints made in any other manner but submitted in the form of a personal letter addressed to them.


The name of the Contest given as “Belarus Press Photo” implies the following:
- images are taken by the Belarussian photographers on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
- images are taken by the Belarusian photographers outside the Republic of Belarus, but related to the country or its citizens (for example: the performance of Belarusian athletes in international sport competitions, Belarusian performers tours, the life of Belarusian communities overseas, etc)

«Оpen Nomination» is an exception to this rule and the participation in it is open to the photographers from all over the world who are at least 18 years of age and is regulated only by the topic announced.

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