Open and independent press photography contest of Belarus. The objective of the contest is

support and promotion of professional press photography in Belarus. The contest is also aimed

at stimulating the development of photojournalism, encouraging exchange of experience and

knowledge between various generations of Belarusian photographers, setting high professional

standards in photojournalism and contributing to the free and unrestricted exchange of

professional information.


«Belarus Press Photo 2014» is announced

The submission period of applications for the professional press photography contest “Belarus

Press Photo 2014” starts on 27 January. Belarusian photographers contributing to mass media are

allowed to participate in the contest.

The winners of the contest will be selected in the following categories: “News”, “People in

the News”, “Sports”, “Daily Life”, “Portrait”, “Arts and Entertainment”, “Nature”, “Folk

Traditions”. Both separate shots and series of photos will be evaluated.

The contest entries are admitted until 28 February 2014. For more information, including the

contest rules, please follow the link.


| © Вячеслав Цуранов

| Grand prix 2013


| © Александр Васюкович

| Grand prix 2012


Grand prix bpp2011 © Гудилин Сергей
Grand prix bpp2010 © Виктор Драчев
| © Гудилин Сергей

| Grand prix 2011


| © Виктор Драчев

| Grand prix 2010


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